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Lonely Citadel

Every time I try to draw myself it turns into newt lol woops happy Inktober

Anastasia for Inktober!! I haven’t been posting all my sketches and I need to, but I love this one so much and need to draw Anya more. Also no one ever draws her in that one blue dress she wore for exactly 2.5 seconds so I took it upon myself (though it’s not colored)

Inktober has been going well as I re-familiarize myself with Mia. In battle she’s mainly a magic user and relies on teleportation and creating black holes to destroy opponents.

2008, 2012, 2014
Improvement with one character. That’s Mia who is a magical girl called Night Star

Gettin pumped about my life choices

Doodle of a girl in my spanish class i did for her today
I am unable to resist the request of one so lovely

Got some character redesign sketches for a magical girl story I tried developing in like 2007 what
Her name is Cira and her magical girl pseudonym is Ice Star… I haven’t figured out much past that haha uhhhh she’s Egyptian-American and loves eyeliner and anthropology and girls.

Kingdom of Isolation, 2014, Paint Tool Sai

This was a commission I did for my suitemate last april! She asked for a background of Elsa for a music video she was making. I did most of this in an all-nighter haha what is time management

First and final forms, Sailor Moon and Sailor Cosmos, marker, 2013.
I love drawing sailor moon! Happy late birthday, Usagi!

Rae/sapphirecarnage's artblog. I tried.

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