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Lonely Citadel

Got some character redesign sketches for a magical girl story I tried developing in like 2007 what
Her name is Cira and her magical girl pseudonym is Ice Star… I haven’t figured out much past that haha uhhhh she’s Egyptian-American and loves eyeliner and anthropology and girls.

Kingdom of Isolation, 2014, Paint Tool Sai

This was a commission I did for my suitemate last april! She asked for a background of Elsa for a music video she was making. I did most of this in an all-nighter haha what is time management

Use people for their things so you can see said people again

First and final forms, Sailor Moon and Sailor Cosmos, marker, 2013.
I love drawing sailor moon! Happy late birthday, Usagi!

Do you ever wonder how people see you? Without the fears and scars and insecurities and self-directed anger that you have? Do they see something worth having on this planet or caring for? If I pretend they could, I can almost believe it.

I added a head bc I am weak

Idk why I stopped here but it felt right so have a headless Herm right in time for the big announcement!




The Occasion: As avid fans may know, the 1 year anniversary of the release of Pacific Rim is on 12th July, in exactly 3 weeks time. Baldwinboy5ive and I feel this is cause for celebration.

The Brief: Since Raleigh’s a fan of old-school photos, and likes putting his favourites up where people can see them, we thought it would be appropriate to create Raleigh’s Wall. The idea is that you draw anything that looks like a photo taken in the Shatterdome (selfies, candid shots, the baby photos Tendo hands out like candy, whatever…) and we’ll compile it on the wall, a reminder that the fandom’s still going strong, and, in Guillermo’s words, “we’re all in the same robot.”

The Technical Stuff:

1. If you want to get your pic on the wall, just contact me or baldwinboy5ive and either submit it or email it to either of us. We’ll probably need to edit it a little (add “sticky tape”, add a “frame”, rotate it etc) to make it fit, but we’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

2. 300dpi is best but 72dpi is okay too.

3. We’d love to get this up on the actual day of the anniversary, so the deadline for this is basically any time before 12th July.

4. Please, please reblog, even if you’re not an artist yourself! The more pics we manage to get up the better!

5. This is just for fun. There is absolutely no profit, no payment, nothing. Just a way to bring people together in a kind of multiplayer art-trade, because we believe not only in ourselves but in each other!


Signal boost!

I’m majoring in ink sketches of sayaka miki

Sketch design for the logo for billybrocobra’s and my jaeger
We wanted a mermaid

Rae/sapphirecarnage's artblog. I tried.

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